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Who We Are?

Globenplanet is a social and business networking platform operated by Globenplanet Ltd, Manchester, United Kingdom to connect people among communities to build up authentic communication and social welfare to people around the globe. Globenplanet supports business services through verified identified Person Pathway (VIP) called gateway service. It is an innovative technology of philanthropy in the background of humanity’s specially designed program-based systematic process. Globenplanet is a free social networking platform to promote communication and social welfare among neighborhoods. Globenplanet assistance free business network under business strategic terms and conditions and it encourages business promotion among communities service base reasonable generous service charges. Its services are free to use under terms and conditions while business service is performed under specially designed (Trading Integration Entrepreneurship Assessment Recognition) TIEAR graded assessment strategies to justify financial dealings & relationships with our service receiver account holders. We support organizations to serve their function while businesses are supported to execute multi-dimensional comprehensive multifunctional processes. Under special terms and conditions, organizations and businesses pay generously to support their functions to promote operational services. We organize and expedite business promotion, digital marketing services, and advertising facilities relevant to user’s interests, an experience which you agree using our comprehensive innovative multifunctional platform. Enjoy your experience of socializing on the global horizon to discover the innovation of imagination across Globenplanet multifunctional multidimensional networking system.

What We Do?

Globenplanet is an acronym of Geographically Legendary Organisation Believe Evolutionary Nomination Partnership Legitimate Arrangement Network Entrepreneurship Transformer (GLOBENPLANET). Globenplanet is a dynamic multifunctional comprehensive social and business networking platform. We aim to build up strong relationships among communities through authentic communication irrespective of geographical location. Our values and principles are focused on community relationships, freedom of speech, human rights & humanity, generosity to support, and signposting through communication. Globenplanet supports business development through grand commerce (G-Commerce) and promotes entrepreneurship through a comprehensive humanitarian supportive business pathway (CHSBP) to help vulnerable families and people around the world based on designed (Trading Integration Entrepreneurship Assessment Recognition) TIEAR graded assessment strategies. Globenplanet creates an opportunity to explore the innovation of imagination through programmed systematics social and business networking projects. We strongly support business advancement progression with a wide range of entrepreneurship, digital marketing, advertisements, and networking. Welcome to hereby known as social networking, digital marketing, and grand commerce platform (G-Commerce). You accept the user’s agreement by accepting our terms and condition during registration and access to our platform networking system. This comprehensive platform owned and managed by Globenplanet Ltd. Registered limited company (Company Registration: 12812997 ) based in Manchester, United Kingdom.

Our Featured Services


Make unlimited friends and stay connected


Chat with your friends & group members


Order anything you want at the same place

Buy & sell

Easily buy or sell products

Find Job

Search a job and build your career


Promote your business

Sell Your Product Without Paying Us Any Commission

We set up a multi-seller platform for our sellers. Anyone can join us as a seller by verifying their authenticity. The most interesting part is we don't take any commission from our seller, no matter how many products they sell.

So, boost your selling by joining us as a seller.

Our Giveaway Contest Program

We arrange a contest program every month for our users. It's a nice way to show your creativity and talent. Winners will get a shopping voucher as the contest prize.

Our Leadership

Meet our hardworking team. We are always at your service to build a safe platform. 

Msam Aunjan

CEO & Chairman

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Chief Operating Officer

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Chief Financial Officer

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Chief Technology Officer

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Chief Product Officer

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Chief Promotion Officer

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R&D Chief Officer

Our Offices

Head Office

GLOBENPLANET LTD, Fallowfield, Manchester, United Kingdom.
Phone: +00447512254220
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Company Registration: 12812997

Branch office

Rampura Banashree, Dhaka 1219, Bangladesh
Phone: +8801735111005
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