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  • How to pay for a product?

    You will receive the payment process through email. As it will send by the seller manually so it can take up to 5 hours. Keep you eye on your email inbox. You have to pay within 6 hours after getting the payment instructions email. If you fail to pay within this time the order will be cancel automatically.

    Disclaimer: As the payment process will held outside of this platform so careful about safe payment. Globenplanet won’t be responsible for this. Globenplanet just like a bridge between buyer and seller. No payment will be held through this website.

    Note that, you can report against a seller for any kind of abuse or fraud activities. Then Globenplanet will take legal action against the seller.

    Thank you
    Globenplanet e-Team

  • How can I create a vendor account?
    1. Go to the link- Vendor registration
    2. Select “I am a vendor
    3. Fill up the form
    4. Then click Register
  • How can I create a customer account?

    If you have already a GNP account then you don’t need to open a customer account separately. You can buy products through your GNP account. And manage your order through the “My Order” option from dropdown menu.

  • How to track my order?
    1. Go to your account
    2. Click on
    3. Click on “Shop
    4. Click “Track order
    5. Enter your track id and billing email
    6. Click on “Track

  • How to report for a product or a seller?

    To report a product or a seller

    1. go to this link- Submit a report
    2. Fill up the form
    3. Attach a screenshot/image (optional)
    4. Submit
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